Ask Com News piece ran July 17 2013 Ask Com News piece ran July 17 2013

Grandson's Personal Experience Inspires a Book

Share Your Story: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

From Mark Christensen Author

Grandson's Personal Experience Inspires a Book

Playing our famous 3-handed pinochle.


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What Happened

After living such a unique love story, I wrote the following book. Here is the press release which is circulating world wide:

Notice of Press Release:

Author Mark Christensen's new novel, The Seed is a unique love story of grandparents raising second generation children, as he was raised. It has just been released by International Publishers Just Fiction Edition, of Berlin and London. Its release has been covered by the SOP Newspaper network and “The American Perspective” National radio show, and was picked up by Google News.

How I Coped

As we lived on their retirement income, they taught me that if I wanted name brand things to own, I could get work and earn such items. They showed me how. They provided the basics. After they raised me, I finally realized that they didn't have to, but they did, and that is true love.

Lessons Learned

Family first and always. You take care of your own and don't rely on the system or anyone else to take your responsibilities from you. You do as was done for you.

Hardest Part

Trying to understand the many generational differences and their way of life. I now understand those morals and values and what they meant.

Most Rewarding Part

When I thrived in the career they helped mold me into. I was 24 when we went out one night. One of their friends pulled me aside and told me just how proud my grandparents were of me.

Susan Adcox, Grandparents Guide, says:

It's never easy when grandparents take on the task of raising grandchildren. Differences between the generations, present between parents and children, can be even more divisive between grandparents and grandchildren. Often, however, the grandchildren end up with a deep and abiding appreciation for their grandparents' values. Learn more about Mark Christensen and his book.


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