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2012: "11th Commandment" by Mark A. Christensen


2013: "The Seed" by Mark A. Christensen


1996: "Next To Nothing" Sold out, Our of print.


1998: Screen Play, "Petty Theft"


Short Prose

"The Seed"



Take one small boy abandoned by parents too young to cope.  Add one grandmother with an abundance of devotion and a heart broken by her children's rejection.  Gently blend their lives while adding the joys and sorrows life brings.  It's the recipe for a story that is sweetly blended with love. 

Liz realized that raising Mark was her chance to give the love her own children had refused.  He needed her; and she needed him to accept her values, love, and deep seeded morals.  George had been placed in an orphanage during the depression years when his parent s could not afford his care, and was a place he vowed never to see any of his kin raised.

As the months and years went by, each year Mark grew older, Liz and George knew at any time Albert and Nicole would return home and reclaim him as their son. The seed of doubt was planted in their minds, but keeping Mark busy with school and sports, helped keep it dormant in hopes it would never bloom. It would be the seed planted deep in their grandson’s soul, they could only hope the winter freeze would not kill, or the weeds in the spring kept from blooming full, a seed Liz had seen fail raising her own three children, and could not accept another bloomless spring.

Love Story of Grandparents raising second generation children. "The Seedf" Novel by Mark Christensen


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