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Mark Christensen, a 1981 graduate of Para-medicine from Ohio State University, was a successful paramedic having owned an ambulance service at the age of 24. He is the author of the Pulitzer Prize nominated novel, “11th Commandment.


            Having been raised by grandparents, and his years in emergency medicine dealing with families and their weaknesses, knowing his life had been blessed being raised by grandparents he knew didn’t have to take him in, but did so with much love, finding their were over 40 million grandparents worldwide raising second generation children, told him it was time all grandparents were recognized for their selfless love.


 Mr. Christensen is the CEO of M C Productions Global, and resides in Ohio, and Billings, Montana, with his seven children. Mr. Christensen’s has also produced the novels, “Boy Toy”, & “My Brother’s Keeper”.

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